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Bath Scales

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Analog Bath Scale

$21.99 Ex Tax: $21.99

5" speedometer dial scale. Black Surefoot mat with texture for stability. Silvertone base and bezel. Spacious platform for plenty of foot space. Black dial with white graphics. Capacity 300 lb x 1 lb..

Bluetooth Digital Body Fat Smart Scale

$69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

Body fat composition analyzer. CalMax provides daily calorie reference. Athlete mode body fat accuracy. 8 User memory. 2in LCD Readout. 11.8in x 11.8in Glass platform. Use SmartTrack appto weigh sync track and set goals. Uses Bluetooth 4.0 to work with devices. 400lbs Scale capacity. Requires 3 AAA batteries (batteries included). 5 Year manufacturer warranty...

Bluetooth Digital Body Mass Bathroom Scale - (Black)

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Bluetooth Bathroom Scale is the best way to keep track of your weight loss progress. Step on your scale every day and wirelessly sync the data with your Bluetooth enabled iOS device. You can track your weight and body mass index. This user friendly app displays all of your important weight loss information with easy to read graphs and charts, and a history mode that shows your progress over time. ..

Body Composition Scale w/ 10 User Memory

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Estimates body fat body water and muscle mass. Uses BIA technology. Large 3.5in x 1.9in LCD readout with dual line. White tempered glass with stainless steel electrodes. 12.4in x 12.4in Platform. Athlete mode. Holds up to 10 user memory. CR2032 Lithium battery included...

Body Fat & Body Water Monitor Scale

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

Uses BIA to measure body fat and body water percentages to 0.1% 0.8" LCD displays digital in a 1.2" readout Athlete and separate scale only modes 4 memories Accurate to 350 lbs/160 kgs in 0.2 lb/0.1 kg increments Body fat & body water range graph..

Body Fat Bath Scale

$59.99 Ex Tax: $59.99

Uses BIA to estimate body fat and body water percentage. 0.1% body fat and body water graduation. Accurate to 400 lb/180 kg in 0.2 lb/0.1 kg increments. 11.8" x 12.2" tempered glass platform. Dual line LCD readout in 1.5" display. 4 memories store personal data. Athlete and separate scale only modes..

Digital Body Scale with Enlarged LCD

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99

Coosh bath scale is specially designed to test body fat/hydration/muscle/bone and weight percentage and help monitor daily change in your statistics. This is based on the analysis of your height weight and age. It advises daily energy requirement and helps control weight...

Digital Glass Bath Scale

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99

Durable high-tempered glass platform with a 1.3? LCD display. Sleek clean look with glass platform and aluminum load cells. Easily view weights at any angle and even in dim light. Spacious 12? x 12? square platform. Non-slip feet to protect floors. Measures in 0.2lb/0.1kg increments. High capacity up to 400lbs/180kg...

Digital Scale - (Marble Print)

$25.99 Ex Tax: $25.99

Tempered glass weighs up to 400 lbs. Large, easy-to-read 2.6' LCD display. Step-on technology provides instant readings. High-precision sensors give accurate weight every time. Handsome marble print design...

Electronic Bamboo Bathroom Scale

$44.99 Ex Tax: $44.99

The Kalorik Digital Bathroom Scale's high-quality natural bamboo finish fits seamlessly in both traditional and contemporary home interiors. Extremely water and scratch resistant, the precision digital scale is simple to use, automatically turning on or off upon stepping on or off the scale. Large blue backlit LCD display lends itself to ease of reading. Equipped with a high precision strain gauge..

Electronic CalMax & BMI Scale

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

CalMax daily calorie reference. Calaculates BMI based on height and weight. 3.1? Dual line LCD readout. 4 Memories store data. 8mm Thick tempered glass platform. Separate scale-only mode. Instant on auto zero auto off and low battery indicator. Holds up to 440lbs. 1 CR2032 lithium battery included...

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale Black

$190.99 Ex Tax: $190.99

Aria 2 is your smart scale that measures weight body fat percentage and BMI. See your personal trends and track progress on the Fitbit dashboard. Easy smartphone setup with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. Wireless sync to an Android iOS or Window device. Keep getting motivated and pushed toward personal goals. Recognizes up to 8 users. Sleek design with a polished glass surface. Backlit LCD display. ..

Glass Body Fat Scale

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

CALMAX - indicates maximum calories to be consumed per day for weight maintenance. BIA Body fat scale measures body fat and body water to 0.1%. Measures muscle and bone mass. Oversized 15? tempered glass platform with metal accents. Features a large 6.3? x 1.2? detailed LCD display. Measures in 0.2lb increments. 12 Memory storage. Athlete mode. Up to 440lb weight capacity. Includes 1 lithium batte..

Glass Lithium Electronic Scale

$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Durable high-tempered glass platform with a 1.3? LCD display. High-tempered glass platform attached to load cells with a clean look. Instant on auto zero auto-off and low battery indicator. Non-slip feet to prevent damage to floor and level measurements. Measures in 0.2lb/0.1kg increments. Weight capacity at 330lbs/150kg. Lithium battery included...

Healthstation Body Fat Scale

$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

3.7in x 2.0in LCD Display. 12.2in x 12.2in Platform. Auto on auto zero and auto off. Features an 8 user memory. Calculates Body Fat Body Water Muscle Mass and Bone Mass percentages. Up to 397lbs capacity. Requires 4 AAA batteries (included)...

High Capacity Bath Scale

$59.99 Ex Tax: $59.99

2.0in Bright blue AccuGlo backlit display. Scale beeps when weight is locked. Anti-microbial platform. 14in x 11in Platform. Instant on auto zero and auto off. Low battery indicator. 440lbs Capacity. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)...

High Capacity Digital Bath Scale 550lb Capacity

$59.99 Ex Tax: $59.99

Sleek bath scale fits in perfectly with your contemporary bathroom. High capacity up to 550lbs. Bright AccuGlo blue blacklit display with 2? digits. Stainless steel platform. Instant on auto zero and auto off. Low battery indicator. Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation - included. Platform dimensions: 15.3" x 12.8". 5-Year manufacturer warranty...

High Capacity Digital Scale

$19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Glass digital scale with an LCD digital read-out. Contemporary design fits in any bathroom layout. Instant on technology and auto-off to conserve battery. Sizeable 12? x 12? platform. Measures in 02lb/01kg increments. 400lbs/180kg Capacity. Includes 1 CR2032 lithium battery...

High Capacity Stainless Steel Bath Scale

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

1.2in Bright blue AccuGlo digits in 1.45in Display. Stainless steel and silver-tone striped platform. Instant on auto zero and auto off. 1in Slim profile design. Low battery indicator. 400lbs Capacity. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)...

High-Tempered Glass Scale Black

$29.99 Ex Tax: $29.99

High tempered glass platform. 1.56? LCD readout. Instant on auto zero and auto off. Low battery indicator. 400lb Capacity. 12? x 12? Platform. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)...

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