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Spring Beauty Bracelet

$478.99 Ex Tax: $478.99

Pandora Spring Beauty Bracelet - Spring is in the air! This Pandora SS Clasp Bracelet has hues of pinks and purples with butterflys and flowers that bring out the feeling of spring!..

Pandora Bow and Lace Charm Heart Bracelet

$384.99 Ex Tax: $384.99

Pandora presents Bow & Lace Heart Bracelet featuring the Pink Bow and Lace Heart Charm at its center. Finely crafted from sterling silver, this detailed heart charm features an intricate design that is enhanced by hand-applied enamel in a misty rose hue and topped with a soft pink enamel bow. One Galaxy Charm, One Silver and Clear Pave Cubic Zirconia Ball Charm and two Clear Effervescence Charms ..

Ocean of Love Bracelet

$380.99 Ex Tax: $380.99

Ocean of Love Bracelet..

Everlasting Family Bracelet

$377.99 Ex Tax: $377.99

The Everlasting Family Bracelet represents the eternal bond a family shares. The Family Forever charm features family members around the charm holding each other’s hands with decorative 14K gold love hearts. Two Inspiration Within charms and two Pink Hearts charms embrace the delicate glow of love...

Starry Holiday Nights Bracelet wFloral Elegance Spacer

$375.99 Ex Tax: $375.99

Pandora Starry Holiday Nights Bracelet W/ FLORAL ELEGANCE SPACER..

Glamour Girl Bracelet

$370.99 Ex Tax: $370.99

Pandora Glamour Girl Bracelet - Glamour Girl says it all! She is all about style, fashion and glamour! Pandora SS Clasp Bracelet with sparkling stilleto, purse and coctail glass charms glitters and shines!..

Starry Holiday Nights Bracelet

$367.99 Ex Tax: $367.99

Starry Holiday Nights Bracelet..

Angel Wings Charm Bracelet

$367.99 Ex Tax: $367.99

Pandora presents the Angel Wings Bracelet which is inspired by talismanic traditions, this refined sterling silver locket charm features a pair of protective angel wings wrapped around a pink enamel core. Intricately crafted and embellished with accents of shimmering stones, this piece is a stunning addition to this bracelet. Adorned with two chic bows, this pretty sterling silver clip will adds a..

Vacation Treasures Bracelet

$364.99 Ex Tax: $364.99

Fondly remember your travels with PANDORA’S Vacation Treasures Bracelet. This tropical collection of charms will help you commemorate good weather and great times no matter where you are. The sterling silver Cocktail Glass , Palm Tree , and Sea Turtle charms are filled with dazzling cubic zirconias and is the perfect way of treasuring vacation mementos...

Vintage Iridescence Charm Bracelet

$362.99 Ex Tax: $362.99

Pandora presents Vintage Iridescence Bracelet showcasing the Vintage Allure Charm at its center. Add tantalizing shine to your bracelet with this unique sterling silver Murano glass design. The rich, blue hue has a captivating iridescent effect, which changes according to the angle of the view. Two Alluring Cushion Spacers and two Blue Fascinating Iridescence Charms ensure that this sterling silv..

Royal Sky Charm Bracelet

$356.99 Ex Tax: $356.99

Pandora presents Royal Sky Bracelet featuring the Vintage Night Sky charm at its center. This ornamental charm is inspired by the wonders of the night sky. A luminous moon and shimmering blue enamel stars reflect the wonders of a stellar sky on this majestic sterling silver button charm. Two Adornment Charms and Two Inspiration Charms add bright royal blue and crystal hues to this lavish bracelet..

Alluring Hearts Charm Bracelet

$351.99 Ex Tax: $351.99

Pandora presents Alluring Hearts bracelet featuring the Wild Hearts Charm at its center. Visually striking, this romantic Murano glass design features a series of floating pink hearts that channel a unique and romantic look. The addition of two-colored glass not only creates a sparkling rainbow effect, it also signifies a love that is literally out of this world. Two Cerise Heart Glass Charms and ..

Shimmer Butterfly Charm Bracelet

$346.99 Ex Tax: $346.99

Pandora presents Shimmer Butterfly Bracelet featuring a Sparkling Butterfly Charm at its center. Make a statement with a sparkling butterfly! Stunning purple and lavender pave-set cubic zirconias adorn the sterling silver charm, creating a colorful and sparkling look that is sure to draw attention! Dark Purple Shimmer Charms surround the center charm and add purple hues, that change depending on t..

Motherly Love Bracelet

$339.99 Ex Tax: $339.99

Send a heartfelt message to your mother with PANDORA’S Motherly Love Bracelet. The center charm features an intricate filigree design connecting hearts surrounding the word “Mom” written in beautiful script. Crafted from sterling silver, it’s the perfect gift to express just how much she means to you. Bracelet features one Motherly Love , two Fascinating White , and two Inspiration Within charms..

The Colors of Fall

$336.99 Ex Tax: $336.99

The Colors of Fall bracelet expresses the beautiful colors of the fall leaves! SS Pandora clasp bracelet with 1 of 791629, 1 of 791626, 1 of 791066, and 2 of 791359CZ...

Interlinked Pave Charm Bracelet

$335.99 Ex Tax: $335.99

Pandora presents the Interlinked Pave Bracelet featuring the Interlinked Circles Charm. A delicate motif of three interlocked circles decorates this sterling silver and 14K gold button charm. It is a beautiful expression of unity and a timeless symbol of the past, present and future. Two Pave Barrel Clips surround the center charm to add the wow factor to this glamorous bracelet...

Fluttering Butterfly Bracelet

$324.99 Ex Tax: $324.99

Fluttering Butterfly Bracelet...

Vintage Blue Stars Charm Bracelet

$313.99 Ex Tax: $313.99

Pandora presents Vintage Blue Stars bracelet. At its center is the Radiant Hearts Charm. This sculptural sterling silver design looks stunning from every angle. The angular cut of the glacier blue stones and the heart details beneath and around them give the charm a romantic yet abstract twist. Adjacent to this charm is the Vintage Allure Charm with its geometric formation. This button charm is pe..

Jolly Holiday Bracelet

$301.99 Ex Tax: $301.99

PANDORA presents the Jolly Holiday Bracelet. This bracelet sparkles with a center charm in a gorgeous red hue and a festive ribbon adornment. This striking bauble-inspired sterling silver charm is the perfect centerpiece for your bracelet. It is adorned by the Sparkling Surprise charm, a delightful sterling silver present wrapped in a shimmering cubic zirconia bow. On the other side is PANDORA's c..

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet

$291.99 Ex Tax: $291.99

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet...

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