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4 Channel RC Drone Red

$63.99 Ex Tax: $63.99

Quadrone Pro Cam: Take to the skies with Quadrone Pro Cam! This RC quadcopter is great for beginners and pro's alike, Multiple speed settings allow you to learn a capabilities of this copter and then increase the speed to master it. It as a built in gyroscope to help avoid the inevitable crash landing and has Anti-crash protection cover to help prevent blade damage when it goes down. Multi-directi..

AP11PRO GPS Drone Quadcopeter w/ 1080p Camera

$690.99 Ex Tax: $690.99

GPS Semi-autonomous flight. State of the art 3-axis Gimbal. Use the mobile app for iOS and Android. Records video in Full HD 1080p at 60fps. Captures 10MP still images. Maximum flight range up to 500 M. 10? Propellers provide stability and maneuverability. 44MPH Maximum speed. 22-33MPH Cruising velocity. All-weather body for light to medium rain and snow. Class 4 wind resistant rating. Fail safe p..

Flight Force Battling Drones - (Set of 2)

$138.99 Ex Tax: $138.99

These Flight Force™ Battling Drones let you enact a mid-air battle with a friend, or just fly one on your own! Flight Force™ Battling Drones feature a six-axis gyroscope to maintain balance and stability. Easy-to-fly, these drones can be used indoors or out. Included remote control has two flight speeds to match drone pilot’s ability. Flies for up to five minutes on a charge; power up via USB (co..

HD Wi-Fi Folding Camera Drone

$154.99 Ex Tax: $154.99

On-board Wi-Fi. Real time video on HD camera. 2.4Ghz four-axis Spider Drone with multi-directional flying capabilities. Capable ascending descending and moving in all directions. 650ft distance range. Lights up making drone easy to spot. Foldable for portability. View flight from smartphone...

Infinity NX Drone Ages 14+ Years

$89.99 Ex Tax: $89.99

Drone with G-sensor mode for same intuitive way on-screen race cars drive. Control by tilting or use on-screen controls through your phone. Use Infinity NX app to draw your own course and more. Auto hover mode. Switch controls to included controller. One-key turn and auto-takeoff features. Programmable waypoints. Contrasting front and rear LEDs. Control distance up to 50 M. Camera resolution: 480p..

Oblivion NX Streaming Drone w/ VR/3D Headset

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

Experience Full 3D HD streaming with the Oblivion NX. Uses a smartphone the free app and VR headset. Records HD 720p video and photos. SmartFly technology - auto hover start and stop. Wi-Fi connectivity supports live video stream. 360-Degree flips from Gyros and Nex Gen 6-Axis. VR/3D Headset fits Android and iOS smartphones. Headset is adjustable with T-strap headstrap. 100ft Elevation. Flight tim..

Omega Quadcopter

$230.99 Ex Tax: $230.99

Quadrones was created with the sole purpose of bringing affordable user friendly 'drones' or quadcopters to the mass market. the Squadron's brand has quickly become a name synonymous with quality and affordability: designed to appeal to a an array of users from the novice to the expert flier. Rule the skies at 300 feet with 15 minutes of flight time and an extra battery for a total of 30 minutes ..

Quadcopter Micro Done Wi Fi

$82.99 Ex Tax: $82.99

The Quadcopter drone has all the features of a full size drone but is a quarter of the size. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the Micro drone can perform aerial stunts like 360 degree flips, turns and barrel rolls. The propellers have crash guards in case of any accidents to prevent any damage. It also has a camera that allows you to snap photos or record videos from your surroundings wit..

T.E.D. Transforming Egg Drone Ages 14+ Years

$69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

Power and speed of a pocket-sized drone with multiple features. Small enough to fit through the tightest of cracks. Easily navigate around the slickest corners. Four propellers provide well-balanced gliding through the air. Wi-Fi controlled through Odyssey app. 3 Speed modes. Perform 360-degree flips. Features a 480p Wi-Fi camera that records video and captures photos. Collapsible arm design. Rech..

Turbo Runner Quadcopter Green/Yellow

$49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Turbo Runner quadcopter has a patented rolling cage and slick surface. Use the cage to roll over surfaces and walls. Easily takes a beating and bounces back. Perform 360-degree flips. Great for indoor or outdoor flying. Next Gen 6-axis gyros. Hover sensor. Demo mode. LED lights illuminate flying. Flies 5-8 minutes on a full charge. Rechargeable 3.7V 250mAh lithium-ion battery. Recommended ages 8 y..

VR Pro Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses

$36.99 Ex Tax: $36.99

DGE VR PRO has high quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material. The T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different people. Its design can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game. You can slightly adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES..

XV-7 Microlite II Drone Ages 14+ Years

$63.99 Ex Tax: $63.99

XV-7 Microlite II is a rising popular drone among new and veteran drone flyers. Palm-sized drone. Four circular wings light up LED lights. Great for indoor or outdoor flying. Flies up to 100 meter distance. Maneuver with 360-degree flips. Three speeds: Beginner Intermediate and Expert. Uses a 3.7V/500mAh lithium-ion battery. Drone dimensions: 5.4? x 5.7? x 1.5?. Recommended ages 14 years and up. I..

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