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19 - Inch Radiant Night Sky Necklace

$319.50 Ex Tax: $319.50

PANDORA’S Radiant Night Sky Necklace is inspired by the wonders of the night sky. A luminous moon and shimmering blue enamel stars of the Vintage Night Sky charm reflects the wonders of a stellar sky on this majestic sterling silver button charm. Two Inspiration Within Midnight Blue spacers add some twilight twinkle and nighttime blue to your neck...

Beaded Heart Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$103.17 Ex Tax: $103.17

Beaded Heart Bracelet is crafted from polished sterling silver beads that form its heart shape. This hand-finished charm lends elegant texture to any look...

Cascades of Glamour Charm Bracelet

$227.27 Ex Tax: $227.27

This lovely bracelet is made of the best quality sterling silver and features 1 Cascade Glamour- a teardrop pattern illuminated by shimmering clear cubic zirconia stones & 2 sterling silver spacers that bring finely crafted details and subtle glamour to your bracelet...

Curious Cat Bracelet

$173.84 Ex Tax: $173.84

Beautiful bracelet featuring Curious Cat Charm. With ears pointed and whiskers twitching, a curious cat is ready to explore adventure in this sterling silver charm from PANDORA...

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet

$315.02 Ex Tax: $315.02

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet...

Fields of Flower Charm Bracelet

$312.50 Ex Tax: $312.50

Fields of Flowers sterling silver barrel clasp bracelet with the following charms: 2 Cherry Blossoms, 2 Cascading Glamours & 1 Pink Field of Flowers. Visually Stunning with a pink background which offsets the delicate white flowers...

Forever Friends Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$135.75 Ex Tax: $135.75

Pandora's Forever Friends Bracelet celebrates the unending bond between the very best of friends, this pretty charm consists of a sterling silver heart with a sweet engraving and infinity sign detail. Gift it to a cherished friend as a reminder of your special connection...

Glacier Shine Bracelet

$237.27 Ex Tax: $237.27

The new PANDORA Iconic Bracelet Gift Set is a great way to start a PANDORA bracelet! The gift set includes a sterling silver PANDORA barrel clasp snake chain bracelet in the length of your choice, two braided clips, and a charm of your choice...

Heart Girl Boy Charm Bracelet

$304.72 Ex Tax: $304.72

Make any mom smile with this genuine Pandora bracelet. This personal creation crafted of silver and adorned with charms chosen to represent the wearer includes a Pandora clasp silver bracelet, two beveled clips, a Big Smooth Heart charm, Boy charm and Girl Charm and of course a luxurious Pandora clasp solid silver bracelet. Additional charms are sold separately. Start a sweet tradition and add a c..

I love My Mom Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$217.20 Ex Tax: $217.20

Pandora's I Love My Mom Bracelet showcases this heart locket dangle in sterling silver designed to honor an amazing mother. Twinkling cubic zirconia stones, an 'I love my Mom' engraving and cut-out hearts show that she is simply the best. Surprise her. She will cherish it forever - and feel fabulous wearing it. Two Modern Love Spacers add brilliance and shine to this heartfelt bracelet...

Infinite Shine Bracelet

$117.10 Ex Tax: $117.10

Pandora Charm - Sterling Silver Infinite Shine, Moments Collection-Jewelry & Accessories. Wear this classic PANDORA bracelet with all the gorgeous charms you adore. Crafted from sterling silver this stunning bracelet is sure to make the perfect gift for someone special...

Interlinked Pave Charm Bracelet

$362.07 Ex Tax: $362.07

Pandora presents the Interlinked Pave Bracelet featuring the Interlinked Circles Charm. A delicate motif of three interlocked circles decorates this sterling silver and 14K gold button charm. It is a beautiful expression of unity and a timeless symbol of the past, present and future. Two Pave Barrel Clips surround the center charm to add the wow factor to this glamorous bracelet...

Iridescent Ice Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$347.51 Ex Tax: $347.51

The Iridescent Ice Bracelet dazzles with two intriguing Ice Sculpture Blue Spacers, alternating shapes of faceted baguette-cut and round brilliant-cut crystals. The geometric-inspired blue crystals are set in sterling silver. Complimenting the blue spacers are three Iridescent White Glass Charms made with iridescent and transparent Murano glass and an ornate sterling silver trim which creates a b..

Jolly Holiday Bracelet

$325.84 Ex Tax: $325.84

PANDORA presents the Jolly Holiday Bracelet. This bracelet sparkles with a center charm in a gorgeous red hue and a festive ribbon adornment. This striking bauble-inspired sterling silver charm is the perfect centerpiece for your bracelet. It is adorned by the Sparkling Surprise charm, a delightful sterling silver present wrapped in a shimmering cubic zirconia bow. On the other side is PANDORA's c..

Keys of Love Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$282.35 Ex Tax: $282.35

Pandora's Keys of Love Bracelet showcases a finely crafted keys set at its center with small stones that hold a hidden message that is revealed when they come together. String on your bracelet to wear love on your sleeve. Two Silver and Clear Pave Charms add brilliance to this bracelet...

Love My Dog Charm Bracelet

$221.59 Ex Tax: $221.59

This Love My Dog bracelet is made of the best quality sterling silver and perfectly communicates the love shared by all dog owners and their best friends. The bracelet features 1 Devoted Dog charm and the 1 Love My Pet charm spaced by the Inspiration Within charm...

Majestic Feather Charm Bracelet - (Size 7.5)

$190.05 Ex Tax: $190.05

Pandora's Majestic Feather Bracelet features a sophisticated sterling silver phoenix feather charm that shimmers elegantly and is a subtle yet meaningful representation of the powerful legend behind the bird. Two simple and classic feathered clips incorporate curved details reminiscent of the delicate structure of feathers. A timeless and decorative piece, it balances this bracelet...

My Princess Ring - (Size 7.5)

$73.84 Ex Tax: $73.84

PANDORA, this sterling silver My Princess ring features a tiara design and bezel set cubic zirconia. Perfect for stacking in different combinations with other rings or beautiful enough to be worn alone...

Open Your Heart Charm

$32.67 Ex Tax: $32.67

Pandora Open Your Heart Charm. The PANDORA Heartfelt charm perfectly captures sincere, warm and genuine love for someone special. A multitude of sterling silver open hearts with beaded trim...

Perfect Mom Charm Bracelet

$403.42 Ex Tax: $403.42

This lovely bracelet is made of the best quality sterling silver and is perfect for that Perfect Mom. This bracelet is centered with the Perfect Mom sterling silver dangle charm and is surround with 2 Purple Shimmer charms and 2 Pave Hearts...

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