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19 - Inch Radiant Night Sky Necklace

$319.50 Ex Tax: $319.50

PANDORA’S Radiant Night Sky Necklace is inspired by the wonders of the night sky. A luminous moon and shimmering blue enamel stars of the Vintage Night Sky charm reflects the wonders of a stellar sky on this majestic sterling silver button charm. Two Inspiration Within Midnight Blue spacers add some twilight twinkle and nighttime blue to your neck...

Alluring Hearts Charm Bracelet

$379.72 Ex Tax: $379.72

Pandora presents Alluring Hearts bracelet featuring the Wild Hearts Charm at its center. Visually striking, this romantic Murano glass design features a series of floating pink hearts that channel a unique and romantic look. The addition of two-colored glass not only creates a sparkling rainbow effect, it also signifies a love that is literally out of this world. Two Cerise Heart Glass Charms and ..

Angel Wings Charm Bracelet

$397.37 Ex Tax: $397.37

Pandora presents the Angel Wings Bracelet which is inspired by talismanic traditions, this refined sterling silver locket charm features a pair of protective angel wings wrapped around a pink enamel core. Intricately crafted and embellished with accents of shimmering stones, this piece is a stunning addition to this bracelet. Adorned with two chic bows, this pretty sterling silver clip will adds a..

Chic Heart Bracelet

$167.70 Ex Tax: $167.70

PANDORA Jewelry has become the choice of women all over the world who want to express their own personal style. This lovely bracelet is made of the best quality sterling silver and features 1 Sterling Silver Bracelet 590702HV with PANDORA Clasp, and 1 Red Pave' Heart charm 791052CZR. Bracelet size is 19cm-7.5 inches..

Curious Cat Bracelet

$173.84 Ex Tax: $173.84

Beautiful bracelet featuring Curious Cat Charm. With ears pointed and whiskers twitching, a curious cat is ready to explore adventure in this sterling silver charm from PANDORA...

Darling Hearts and Daisies Charm Bracelet

$262.07 Ex Tax: $262.07

Pandora presents Darling Heart & Daisy Bracelet featuring the Cerise Heart Charm at its center. This innovative and beautiful charm combines cerise pink Murano glass, sterling silver and heart-shaped cubic zirconia stones. The eye-catching color and romantic design makes it a beautiful addition to any love-themed bracelet. Two Darling Daisy Meadow Clips are carefully crafted in sterling silver and..

Devoted Dog Bracelet Charm

$173.84 Ex Tax: $173.84

The Devoted Dog Bracelet features the Devoted Dog charm at is center. With its loyal and friendly expression, this adorable sterling silver design embodies everything that has made dogs so beloved by humans. Open Heart and Smooth Heart charms surround the center charm...

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet

$315.02 Ex Tax: $315.02

Dog Days of Summer Bracelet...

Everlasting Family Bracelet

$408.05 Ex Tax: $408.05

The Everlasting Family Bracelet represents the eternal bond a family shares. The Family Forever charm features family members around the charm holding each other’s hands with decorative 14K gold love hearts. Two Inspiration Within charms and two Pink Hearts charms embrace the delicate glow of love...

Geometric Lines Bracelet

$173.84 Ex Tax: $173.84

Beautiful Bracelet featuring Shimmering stone-studded lines, a striking geometric shape, and the beautiful open spaces they create, add visual appeal and glamour to this sterling silver charm...

Glamour Girl Bracelet

$400.69 Ex Tax: $400.69

Pandora Glamour Girl Bracelet - Glamour Girl says it all! She is all about style, fashion and glamour! Pandora SS Clasp Bracelet with sparkling stilleto, purse and coctail glass charms glitters and shines!..

Heart Girl Boy Charm Bracelet

$304.72 Ex Tax: $304.72

Make any mom smile with this genuine Pandora bracelet. This personal creation crafted of silver and adorned with charms chosen to represent the wearer includes a Pandora clasp silver bracelet, two beveled clips, a Big Smooth Heart charm, Boy charm and Girl Charm and of course a luxurious Pandora clasp solid silver bracelet. Additional charms are sold separately. Start a sweet tradition and add a c..

Infinite Shine Bracelet

$117.10 Ex Tax: $117.10

Pandora Charm - Sterling Silver Infinite Shine, Moments Collection-Jewelry & Accessories. Wear this classic PANDORA bracelet with all the gorgeous charms you adore. Crafted from sterling silver this stunning bracelet is sure to make the perfect gift for someone special...

Interlinked Pave Charm Bracelet

$362.07 Ex Tax: $362.07

Pandora presents the Interlinked Pave Bracelet featuring the Interlinked Circles Charm. A delicate motif of three interlocked circles decorates this sterling silver and 14K gold button charm. It is a beautiful expression of unity and a timeless symbol of the past, present and future. Two Pave Barrel Clips surround the center charm to add the wow factor to this glamorous bracelet...

Lucky Day Sterling Silver Charm

$72.82 Ex Tax: $72.82

Every woman could do with a little extra luck in her life, and this delicate sterling silver charm is sure to grant it. Add the four-leaf clover and horseshoe to your bracelet or gift it as a lucky charm to a cherished friend...

Magnolia Bloom Iconic Bracelet

$161.39 Ex Tax: $161.39

Pandora Bead 792087PCZ Woman Flower Magnolia. This Pandora Bead 792087PCZ is for Women, it is Silver, Silver color. It has pink enamel. The name of this piece is Florecer Magnolia, is ideal for the Birthday, Christmas. Complete your bracelet with this magnificent bead...

Motherly Love Bracelet

$366.44 Ex Tax: $366.44

Send a heartfelt message to your mother with PANDORA’S Motherly Love Bracelet. The center charm features an intricate filigree design connecting hearts surrounding the word “Mom” written in beautiful script. Crafted from sterling silver, it’s the perfect gift to express just how much she means to you. Bracelet features one Motherly Love , two Fascinating White , and two Inspiration Within charms..

Open Your Heart Charm

$32.67 Ex Tax: $32.67

Pandora Open Your Heart Charm. The PANDORA Heartfelt charm perfectly captures sincere, warm and genuine love for someone special. A multitude of sterling silver open hearts with beaded trim...

Pandora Bow and Lace Charm Heart Bracelet

$415.02 Ex Tax: $415.02

Pandora presents Bow & Lace Heart Bracelet featuring the Pink Bow and Lace Heart Charm at its center. Finely crafted from sterling silver, this detailed heart charm features an intricate design that is enhanced by hand-applied enamel in a misty rose hue and topped with a soft pink enamel bow. One Galaxy Charm, One Silver and Clear Pave Cubic Zirconia Ball Charm and two Clear Effervescence Charms ..

Piece of My Heart Charm

$98.84 Ex Tax: $98.84

Pandora Piece of My Heart Charm. Pendant Piece of My Heart 'Daughter,' Enamel. Swag offers a unique selection of Jewelry. Let one of our experts help you create the perfect person. Founded in Denmark, Pandora Jewelry and their charms are coveted and collected all over the world. Grouped and fashioned by theme or worn to celebrate a personal milestone, the endless assortment of charms made with fin..

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